Change Log



Updated Front Featured Image to include donate box and animation.
Added newsletter sign up form and link in footer
Added updated services
Fixed spelling errors on paragraph on front page
added Drop Caps to about paragraph
changed “One Voice Offers” to “Featured Services”
Cleaned up some text/image items
updated and added registration code to slider for front page



Updated Logo
Changed Header/Footer
Updated Contact Us Page
Updated Address fix Zip Code
Updated Front Page
Updated About Us
Added Timeline to About Us
Updated Plugins
Streamlined Navigation
Added content to News Page
Added PBS video and story blurb to New Page
Removed Broken Header from Donation Page
Cleaned up and streamlined fonts


Updated Plugins
Uninstalled and Reinstalled Nex-Forms Plugin
Converted all forms to new plugin and tested
Added support with Mailchimp for Nex-Forms
Created new mailchimp account
Created thank you page for new giving plugin
Testing new giving plugin
Created #GivingTuesday core framework
Added existing mailing list subscribers to new mailchimp list


Started testing of new giving plugin


Made changes and improvements to php to improve performance


Added News to Top Nav Bar under About Us
Added New Stories and Press Releases to News Page
Fixed formatting Video landing page for PBS Documentary
Added graphic header and fixed formatting on get involved page
Added graphic header to volunteer application
linked volunteer application on get involved page
Added volunteer link under get involved header in top Nav Bar
Added donate image header to donation page
Added #OneVoiceWV to page footer
Made Donate a red call to action button on the top nav
Repaired formatting issue with sticky main menu on site now both align perfectly
Reduced logo size to better fit on top nav bar
Added page title bars
Added social links in contact menu on Top Nac Bar
Decreased heading white space
changed main top nav donate button to text color white via custom css
changed calendar to events in header top nav
added sub item to events called calendar
updated wordpress plug ins to latest versions
added One Voice Favicon files and ipad/iphone imagesused old logo need to tweak once new logo is in place.
added icons to menu options in top nav bar
customized further the volunteer application
cleaned up plug in installations[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]