One Voice is a nonprofit public charity established in 2005. Our volunteers have been serving communities across the state and nation by helping individuals and their families who struggle with substance use and other life controlling issues. West Virginia is ranked number 1 in the nation for overdoses and deaths. Through the years we have seen this worsen on many levels, however, grassroots companies like One Voice are working diligently every day to help our communities…one family at a time.


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Addiction Affects Everyone

Thank you to PBS, John Grant and his crew for making this very difficult subject news worthy and visible!!

Substance abuse truly does impact everyone and the children are just left to cope. This 7 minute video depicts the tremendous outcry of children and the help that is needed to fight for recovery in our very own hometown.

One Voice has been impacting communities since 2005, even before anyone openly discussed substance abuse. We need your help!!

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We’re Here With You —

No matter what challenges you’re facing, remember that you don’t have to face them alone. Take a moment to reach out. One Voice is here to help.