Stories From Our Porch 

Asked his name, he responded, “Roy, just Roy”.  Turns out, Roy’s hometown is Chicago, but he is currently a WV transplant – at least until he can get enough money to head back. He is homeless but managed to find living space in a garage and has successfully made it through the winter.

After learning of our Blessing Box from one of his homeless buddies, Roy stopped by to see the Blessing Box for himself. He was excited to see the box contained a whole bunch of bagged lunches! We stepped out to greet him and spent some time simply talking.  Gesturing toward the Blessing Box, Roy asked how many of the lunch bags he could take.

We asked how many he needed. To answer our question, he wanted all of them! We then asked, “Roy, how long will all of those last you?”

He figured “for about 12 days”.  “And”, he added, “I want to share them with some friends who have a hard time getting out to find food.”  So, we told him to take as many as he needed. He loaded up two back packs with lunch bags, graciously thanked us, and went his way.

Roy returned the next day to once more express his thanks and to let us know that he shared with his friends. Did we have more?  Yes, thankfully we did have a few more.

We see Roy occasionally and are convinced that, because of the lunch bags, he has come to trust us, is comfortable sharing some of his story, and brings others to our office to receive resources for various needs, food from the Blessing Box, a listening ear, and often, a prayer. Your gifts have made Roy’s journey (and that of his friends) a little easier, both physically and emotionally.  He is not so hungry, and he now knows that someone really does care.

Thank you for sharing the journey with Roy and One Voice.  Roy does not know your name or how much you have blessed him — but we do!  More importantly, God knows, and His records reflect His knowing. Blessings on YOUR journey!

One Voice Inc., Beckley Office
613 South Kanawha Street, Beckley, WV