Stories from our Porch 

(July 16, 2021)

What Do Pelicans Do?                                                                   

Well, for the most part the Pelican (bird) hangs out in the water and fishes all day! They are not brightly colored, nor do they have a melodious voice. Just water and fish.  If you were of a mind to “spiritualize” at this point — there is a lot to be said for soaking and fishing!

Birds aside, there is another type of pelican and a whole “flock” of them showed up on our porch the other day.  Right there at One Voice in Beckley.  10 of them with some young-uns.

These pelicans walk upright, speak our language, work hard, smile broadly and really “messed up” our porch as they volunteered to clean windows, sweep, mow and trim the lawn, keep the Blessing Box full, prayed with other porch visitors, packed hygiene bags, and made sandwiches.


They are true ambassador/servants, both on and off our porch. Moreover, they blessed our daily volunteer staff by their presence, genuine acts of service, and compassion for people.

They came to bless One Voice and our community.  Mission accomplished!  Thank you, Pelicans!  Just keep on soaking in the water (of the Word) and being, as Jesus put it, “fishers of men”.  You do it well.

These Pelicans are, in fact, volunteers with the “The Praying Pelicans”. Check out their website!  

You will also find this wonderful story with more pictures on our One Voice Facebook page.